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The Boisvenue Family

Welcome to Boisvenue Mechanical, where we treat our customers like family. A values system based on honesty, integrity and transparency, we ensure that everything that leaves our shop is safe for you and your family. 



Owner / Technician

With over 20 years of professional mechanic experience and a lifetime of fixing, modifying and servicing anything with a motor, he is the man behind "Boisvenue Mechanical". He loves spending his off time in the trails with his boys, hunting, listening to old country music or sampling a good whiskey.  



Business Manager

A Registered Nurse by day (and night), full time chaos coordinator for the Boisvenue Family and the business side of Boisvenue Mechanical. She loves red wine, reading, crafting and spending quality time with her crazy little family.


Harrison & Evan

Business "Advisors"

These boys love spending time going on adventures, ripping up the mud with their dirt bike and ATV and helping dad in the shop. They also spend a good amount of time on health & safety and quality control, ensuring that Dad is meeting their expectations!

They are the heart and soul of Boisvenue Mechanical.

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